Health & Safety

Health & Safety
Jersey Boys Australia Drilling is constantly reviewing its Health and Safety procedures. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that all of the methods of work that Britannia carries out are the safest option of completing the contract works.

Before each contract is carried out, the operatives carrying out the works are given a work sheet with a Method Statement and Risk Assessment attached and every vehicle carries the company’s standard Health and Safety Policy.

We believe with the level of training, site awareness courses and tool box talks constantly being given; our operatives receive the best possible guidance that they can be given in the industry in which they work. This gives them and others working within the vicinity of the contract works being carried out the confidence that our operatives are operating the machinery, safely in the interest of themselves and others around them.

Some of the safety precautions for the drilling operators are as follows:

We ensure that our operators understand the user guide or operating manual and safety requirements of all drilling equipments. During the core drilling operation, we ensure that drilling operators strictly wear protective equipments recommended by health & safety regulations. Britannia Drilling makes the safety of its workers an essential part of operations.

This includes the wearing of safety goggles, footwear, snug fitting clothes, hearing protection, head protection, and proper respiratory equipment. Before starting the drilling operation, make sure that all the drilling equipments, especially the electrical equipments are in good operating condition. Before operating hydraulic drills, ensure that the hoses and fittings are in good condition. You must not wear loose-fitting clothes and jewellery. While operating the drilling equipment. You must keep your hands and clothes away from all the moving parts of the machine.

Britannia Drilling has good safety records. We pledge our commitment to our employees and our clients by continuing to improve our standards.